January Favourites| BEAUTY

This January there have been so many things I’ve been loving! I received so many wonderful Christmas gifts, but here is everything I’ve been obsessed with this month.

One of my most exciting presents was the Sleek MakeUp smokey eyes set. Everything I’ve ever tried from sleek has been amazing, but whenever I’ve been feeling a little more adventurous with my eye shadow this month, I’ve always ended up finding myself reaching for my new Sleek i-Divine palette, in BAD GIRL 596.                                                   This palette has a beautiful range of shimmer eye shadows, perfect for creating a dreamy winter smokey eye. A few of my favourites are OBNOXIOUS, a beautiful dark navy, and REBEL, a plum colour that is only just verging on shimmer.

The smokey eye set also comes with the Dip it eye liner and Full Flat Lash Mascara. (swatches and review coming soon)

Scent wise, I have almost always been wearing a mixture of two gorgeous fragrance. The first is from the original ZoellaBeauty range, and it is the Blissful Mistful solid fragrance. I find solid fragrances so convenient for travelling, holidays or just throwing into your handbag. It’s such a beautifully subtle floral scent, and is so calming when applied to your pulse points, I’m obsessed!

The second is Charlie Divine. I’m awful at describing scents, and have no idea how I would start with this one. It is also very subtle, not as in-your-face as Charlie red, and has a slight hint of cherries. it smells like afternoon tea in a fresh summer garden, and I have been wearing it non-stop!

My hair is very dark, reasonably thick and dead straight. Until recently, I have never been able to find anything to do with it, but this January, I have really enjoyed curling it.

I had it curled a while ago when I was a maid of honour in November, and really liked it. I took to YouTube, and watched loads of tutorials, so I could see different styles and techniques, and I think I’ve finally got the knack of it. I’v been using a curling iron from Boots, and simply sectioning my hair with a scrunchie then wrapping sections of hair around the wand and holding it there for a few seconds. The hairspray I’ve found to be most effective is the TRESemme salon finish freeze hold hairspray, although it is a very thick stronghold hairspray, so use it sparingly, unless you want a crispy head, but hey, you do you.

As far as books go, I have just been reading, and re-reading, and re-re-reading the Fantastic Beasts and where to find them screenplay. If you have not read it, or seen the film, there is something wrong with your life.

On the subject of films, I cannot express enough how incredible A Monster Calls was. Lewis MacDougall, the young actor who played Connor, was amazing, Felicity Jones was Phenomenal. It’s the most I have cried in my whole life. Not just the most I’ve cried at a Movie, the most I’ve cried in my whole life. EVER. I also made the mistake of going to see it with my mum…                                                                                                                                               It is for sure the best film I have ever seen. Harry Potter will always be my favourite, but this was the best.

I also have been obsessed with the new Ghostbusters.  A VERY different film, I can assure you, but it was hilarious. And Chris Hemsworth was in it, so thats always a bonus.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about what I’ve been loving through January. If you did, don’t forget to follow my blog, see you soon!



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